Log Cabin Bases​

Build a strong foundation for your log cabin. It’s crucial to success. Let’s get started!

Building the Perfect Log Cabin: Essential Steps to Ensure a Secure and Durable Base

Before building your log cabin, the base needs to be constructed which can be built from a timber frame, slabs or a concrete base. You should ensure the base is strong enough to support the log cabin, bearing in mind the maximum weight will be at the edges of the base.

Whichever type of log cabin base you choose, it is essential to ensure the base is completely flat and square. Doing this will ensure the log cabin is constructed without bad fitting doors and windows due to a misaligned base. Please note, the size of the base this should ideally be just over the footprint size of the cabin.

Timber Kit Buildings has many years of experience in building log cabins, and we would welcome your questions on how to best achieve a good foundation for your new timber building.  For advice feel free to call us or use the Contact Us form to send an email.

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