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SKU: 40.0164
Cat. No: P013041
The Novalie modern features a single door with full glazing. Unlike a traditional wooden garden....
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Original price was: €3,848.33.Current price is: €2,338.58.

Save: 1,509.75 (39.2%)

SKU: 40.7097
Cat. No: P014229
The Rotterdam offers all the functionality and versatility of a conventional garden shed.....
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Original price was: €4,378.80.Current price is: €3,296.54.

Save: 1,082.26 (24.7%)

What's the best use for
Modern Log Cabins?

Modern log cabins are a versatile option that can serve a variety of purposes. Their natural charm and rustic appeal make them the perfect place to unwind and escape from busy city life. They can also serve as a guesthouse, home office, or even rental unit, generating extra income for the owner. Additionally, log cabins can be used as a place for gatherings, such as family reunions, weddings, or corporate events, depending on the cabin’s size and amenities. Overall, the best use for modern log cabins is to provide a cosy, comfortable, and beautiful living space that brings people closer to nature and helps them enjoy a simpler, more fulfilling life.

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