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IKO Felt Roof Shingles

SKU: 40.9970


IKO are world leaders in felt shingles. Used to protect log cabin or garden building all over the world. We are the largest supplier of IKO in Ireland and offer the very best prices.
1 pack of felt roof shingles covers an area of 3.0m.sq

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Straight Felt Roof Shingles: 

  • 40.9970 – Black Straight Shingles
  • 40.9971 – Red Straight Shingles
  • 40.9972 – Green Straight Shingles
  • 40.9973 – Blue Straight Shingles
  • 40.9974 – Brown Straight Shingles

Curved Felt Roof Shingles:

  • 40.9980 – Black Curved Shingles
  • 40.9981 – Red Curved Shingles
  • 40.9982 – Green Curved Shingles

Hexagonal Felt Shingles:

  • 40.9985 – Black Hexagonal Shingles
  • 40.9986 – Red Hexagonal Shingles
  • 40.9987 – Green Hexagonal Shingles


  • Each pack of roof shingles will cover an area of 3 m.sq.
  • For flat roofs is it a simple calculation of length x breadth / 3
  • For Apex roofs we use an approximate calculation of ( (length x breadth) x 1.3 ) / 3 to give you the number of packets needed which will also include enough for a double layer on the first row and enough to complete the ridges. This is a ROUGH calculation.


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