Shepherd Hut Cabins and Gypsy Caravans For Sale

Our Shepherd Hut Cabins and Gypsy Caravans are a very popular choice, proven and loved by customers. 

Made from Spruce timber with a cladding thickness of 16mm our shepherd huts provide a strong and substantial building upon which you can base your project. Many customers go on to further customise these lovely gypsy caravans to suit their needs and taste with the addition of insulation, panelling, fitting and out and of course painting in modern of traditional colours.

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Our Shepherd hut - Johnny Gypsy Wagon measuring in total 2.40m x 6.00m. A large....


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It is a delightful 25m2 cabin which would look fabulous in any garden. It is....


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It is a delightful little 4.2m2 cabin which would look fabulous in any garden. It....


What's the best use for
Shepherd Huts and Gypsy Caravans?

Shepherd huts and gypsy caravans can serve a variety of purposes, but they are best known for their romantic and cosy accommodation options.

They can be used as a holiday getaway, glamping site for tourists or as off-grid living spaces. These tiny homes make for a unique and unconventional addition to a garden area or as ancillary accommodation for a home or farm. Because of their movable and versatile nature, they can be used as a mobile office, studio or garden retreat. Additionally, they serve as a perfect addition to any garden, farm or rural property, providing a comfortable living space with stunning views, while taking advantage of sustainable living abilities. With their charming looks and efficient use of space, Shepherd huts and Gypsy caravans are the ultimate solution for anyone looking for a unique and cosy living arrangement.

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