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Discover the potential of your garden with our Tiny Houses! Ideal for extra living space, our innovative and durable designs make a perfect sanctuary, office, or guest house. Unlock your dreams today!

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Delivery – 7 to 14 Working Days

Moisture Content of 14%

Tongue and Grooved Spruce Roof boards

Great Prices - and only our own products

IKO felt / Shingles

Conical tongue and groove wall logs

No Pine / Spruce Mix

Wind and Watertight corners

Full Accessory Range

Conical tongue and groove wall logs

Dutch and German Quality

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Perfect for temporary accommodation, the Branden 5.98m x 5.98m cabin is made from 44mm thick....
Log Thickness


Planning Required


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What's the best use for
Tiny House Log Cabins?

Tiny House Log Cabins are versatile and sustainable living options that can serve multiple purposes.

They make great garden homes or weekend cabins for those who enjoy spending time in nature. The compact size of these cabins allows for easy upkeep and maintenance, making them an ideal choice for those who want a low-maintenance living space. These cabins can also be used as guest houses, providing a unique living experience for guests. The rustic charm and cozy aesthetics of Tiny House Log Cabins make them appealing to those who want to embrace a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle.

With the rising costs of traditional homes, Tiny House Log Cabins are an affordable option for those who want to own their own home. These cabins are also environmentally friendly, as they use less energy and resources than traditional homes.

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