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For the real thing there we have some unique gazebo designs in store to provide a spectacular long-life addition to any garden.

Strong and sturdy in their construction the gazebos will make an excellent focal point to your garden. Ideal for sitting, dining and relaxing under during those hot sunny days or just sheltering from the occasional Irish down pour.

Our Standard Features

Delivery – 7 to 14 Working Days

Moisture Content of 14%

Tongue and Grooved Spruce Roof boards

Great Prices - and only our own products

IKO felt / Shingles

Conical tongue and groove wall logs

No Pine / Spruce Mix

Wind and Watertight corners

Full Accessory Range

Conical tongue and groove wall logs

Dutch and German Quality

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SKU: 40.0199
Cat. No: P013176
The Anton log cabin has a canopy to the side of 4.00m....

Original price was: €6,432.86.Current price is: €5,405.76.

Save: 1,027.10 (16%)

SKU: 40.0893
Cat. No: P013910
Mokka Log Cabin is perfect for use as a summerhouse and to the side, you....

Original price was: €10,448.83.Current price is: €8,780.53.

Save: 1,668.30 (16%)

SKU: 40.0891
Cat. No: P013903
The Oletha is a stunning addition to a corner location. Great for bbqs and outdoor....

Original price was: €10,860.32.Current price is: €9,126.33.

Save: 1,733.99 (16%)

SKU: 40.0806
Cat. No: P013708
Perfect for use as a summerhouse and includes a gazebo.....

Original price was: €8,922.65.Current price is: €7,498.03.

Save: 1,424.62 (16%)

SKU: 40.0898
Cat. No: P013917
Selma Log Cabin Gazebo features an enclosed cabin of 1.58m x 3.50m, perfect for storage....

Original price was: €6,688.09.Current price is: €5,620.24.

Save: 1,067.85 (16%)

What's the best use for

Gazebos are outdoor structures that are typically built in gardens or open spaces. They are a beautiful way to enhance outdoor living and offer a versatile space for a range of activities.

The best use for gazebos depends on the structure’s design, size, and location. In general, gazebos are great for hosting outdoor gatherings, such as barbecues, parties, and family gatherings. They can be used as a dining area, a space for entertaining guests, or a cozy place to relax. Gazebos are also commonly used as a shelter from the sun or rain, so they can be an excellent place for outdoor games, reading, or even yoga. In addition, gazebos can be used as a space for gardening and planting. They make excellent garden sanctuaries, providing a sheltered spot for plants to grow and flourish. Many gazebos also offer a place for outdoor art and sculptures, as well as a place to display outdoor lighting, vases, and other decorative accents.

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