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SKU: 40.0879
Cat. No: P013830
A beautiful design, the Casper Log Cabin is a 58mm log wall and challenges the....
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Roof Type


Original price was: €12,867.22.Current price is: €10,812.79.

Save: 2,054.43 (16%)

SKU: 40.0830
The Lennart measures 3.00m x 3.00m and has a 0.90m front canopy.....
Log Thickness


Roof Type


Original price was: €6,327.99.Current price is: €4,394.50.

Save: 1,933.49 (30.6%)

SKU: 40.7288
Cat. No: P014496
The Riina Corner Log Cabin measuring 3.06m x 3.06m, it benefits from the insulation properties....
Log Thickness


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Original price was: €5,780.24.Current price is: €4,889.41.

Save: 890.83 (15.4%)

SKU: 40.7360
Cat. No: P014777
Modern in design, the Victoria Log Cabin is made from 58mm thick wall logs and....
Log Thickness


Roof Type


Original price was: €10,589.68.Current price is: €6,318.68.

Save: 4,271.00 (40.3%)

What's the best use for
58mm Log Cabins?

58mm log cabins are great for a range of outdoor activities, such as summer houses and garden offices, as well as for residential purposes. Their robust construction means they are perfect for year-round use, providing warmth in the winter and a cool retreat in the summer.

The mid-sized thickness also provides an ideal balance between insulation and ventilation, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature. This thickness also provides excellent noise insulation for those using it as a garden office. Furthermore, the generous size of 58mm cabins gives plenty of space to fulfil a variety of purposes, from storage to entertainment spaces. With various sizes and designs available, from single-room to multiple-room, you can choose a cabin suited to your specific needs. Finally, the natural beauty of the timber offers an attractive aesthetic, adding a charming touch to any outdoor space.

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