Timber kit self-builds are the cheapest and most rewarding way to get a quality log cabin while construction is not as difficult as some people may  think.

Couple the detailed assembly instructions with a little bit of effort and DIY know-how, and you’ll be relaxing in your new log cabin in no time at all.

You may get a little anxious at the sight of the number of different parts when your new flat packed log cabin arrives but there’s no need to fret.

self build log cabins


Identify and sort all of the component items 

The first step is to identify and sort all of the component items to ensure assembly runs smoothly. Be mindful that packing pieces may be included in the flat pack and should not be confused with the actual components of the cabin itself.

A careful scan of the building plan will allow you to easily confirm all of the components. The detailed building plan will also provide a breakdown of where each part fits in the overall construction process.

A little DIY and construction know-how will be required in order to assemble the kit so if you’ve never used a hammer, saw, screwdriver, power drill, rubber mallet or spirit level, then it may be time to pick up the phone and call the local handyperson.

Working at a height will also be required through the use of step ladders, scaffolding or harnesses

The plans which include detailed orientations and elevations for the build are easy to read for anyone with prior experience.

Always follow the instructions carefully. You will never have to cut any of the logs to fit during the build. If you find that a part doesn’t fit then go back to the instructions and re-trace your steps - you don’t need a saw unless you’re instructed to use one in the plan.

Take careful steps to ensure the base plate foundation is square to allow for the build process of your log cabin to run smoothly.

It stands to reason that the smaller the timber kit building the less complicated the construction.

We hope you enjoy your timber kit build experience which we know will give you a great sense of pride and achievement when completed.

At Timber Kit Buildings we can always help with your build or recommend an experienced fitter so don’t hesitate to get in touch.